“The strength of a lasting partnership is derived from trust, longevity and a desire to succeed.”

For new or retrofit projects, NORAM and contractors design and install customized glass solutions, including curtainwalls, windows, skylights, wall cladding systems, aluminium composite panels, and complete entrance systems.

We are a proud member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CGBC), our products and services can contribute to sustainable development and projects achieving LEED® certification.

Todayís construction industry demands more unique and stylized systems for uninterrupted and consistent facades that complement attractive and modern buildings. Whether the focus is on aesthetics, improving energy efficiency, or simply increasing natural light penetration, NORAMís curtainwall products answer the calls from architects and designers. Our design assist capabilities help ensure the most productive and efficient Curtainwall system design to achieve the design statement and desired aesthetics for the building.

Windows & Glass
NORAM delivers a whole world of windows and glass options. From the functional value of traditional architectural glass to the aesthetic and energy efficient performance of Insulated Glazing Ė NORAM delivers the products and expertise that make the difference.

A skylight can completely change the aesthetics and appeal of a building, plus provide a significant difference in energy efficiency. NORAM skylights have the ability to make spaces feel larger, more expansive while increasing natural light, which can help decrease overall energy consumption. In addition, some skylights also have the ability open, which can provide much needed ventilation.

Wall Cladding
NORAMís wall design capabilities extend well beyond architectural glass and include steel Wall Cladding products, as well as pre-engineered insulated wall and roof systems. Based on our unique Curtainwall approach, we offer a variety of wall cladding ranging from simple steel sheet cladding to composite panel assemblies. NORAM offers a range of profiles and colours to accommodate the desired architectural expressions.

Architectural Aluminum, Sandwich, and Metal Composite Panels
All of our sandwich-type panels provide years of maintenance free performance to any type of structure. These panels are lightweight and can come in a variety of colours, including custom paint colours. All of our panels are capable of accommodating any insulation requirements for increased energy efficiency.

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