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Engineering Excellence in Glass and on Campus


Since the groundbreaking ceremony in June 2008, the new Engineering V Building at the University of Waterloo has truly taken shape. The Engineering V building is a six-storey, 176,000 square foot building designed to house two of the University of Waterloo’s Engineering departments.

The Engineering V Building is an enormous project of concrete and glass and is on schedule for completion in the Spring 2010. NORAM was brought in at the specification stage of the project to ensure that the architects’ intricate glass designs and expectations were met. NORAM and its specialized team of professionals recently completed the installation of the massive curtainwall system used for the exclusive exterior glass walls.

While the Engineering V Building posed several challenges throughout construction, each challenge was met head on with NORAM’s components being installed on time and without incident. See below for a couple of new progress pictures:

University of Waterloo

Shown here is Engineering V Building’s curtainwall, which encompasses four storeys of the building. Total surface of the curtainwall is equal to about 60,000 square feet and consists of specialized glass panels as part of the curtainwall system. NORAM manufactured all of the unitized glass panels for the project and led the installation of these special building materials.

University of Waterloo

The installation of the curtainwall was a unique challenge due to the sheer size of the individual units. Pictured here is the North side of the building with a heavy duty crane in place hauling the glass panels up the side of the building.

University of Waterloo

The exclusive fritted glass design of the building’s glass panels posed an architectural challenge that was easily met by NORAM. The fritted glass design was created by the University’s students and made a reality in NORAM facilities. Meeting the design specifications, NORAM also completed intricate glazing requirements.

Beyond the industry norm for size!

Engineering V Building was a huge undertaking for everyone involved and there is a lot more story to tell. Come back this January for an in-depth case study on Engineering V Building project and read about the specialized processes NORAM undertook to complete this job – the largest one we have had to date!

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