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Mercedes-Benz – A Testament to Functionality and Beauty



Mercedes Benz Downtown, Exterior 

From Building Dealerships to Relationships – It’s Premium Class in Glass

For the past 120 years, Mercedes-Benz has been a premium brand; world-renown for pioneering innovations and distinctive vehicles. For a brand that’s synonymous with class and prestige, it makes sense that the buildings showcasing these fine automobiles reflect the same characteristics that have made the brand famous.  

Seven years ago, Mercedes-Benz and NORAM Glass entered into a mutually beneficial relationship. Mercedes-Benz’s architect and General Contractor were sourcing tradesmen and suppliers for the new construction of its Canadian Headquarters in downtown Toronto. In its first Mercedes-Benz project, NORAM Glass exercised its engineering design expertise, product offering, as well as its ability to provide specialized solutions that helped architects achieve one of the most spectacular buildings Mercedes-Benz had built to date.

Mercedes Benz Downtown, Interior

Understanding Customer Needs

Since the start of the relationship in 2002, NORAM has completed six projects (and counting!) by understanding the needs of Mercedes-Benz. The car company’s projects incorporate several distinctive elements, such as skylights, interior glazing, curtainwalls, plus specialized interior work with stairs, partitions, and hand railings. All elements are designed to work together and continue the brand’s stylish appeal inside and out. 

While customer familiarity has advantages, what keeps Mercedes-Benz a NORAM customer is much more. NORAM is a single source of products and services. From Design Assistance to Project Management, NORAM provides the service and advice that streamline processes, saving Mercedes-Benz valuable time in ensuring consistent quality and a level of elegance in all projects. But NORAM also has the depth of products and resources to meet additional special requirements, such as the fabrication of aluminum composite panels for exterior walls, or architectural aluminum and stainless steel for column covers.

Relying on NORAM as the primary source for architectural glass and services means one source of responsibility and that makes every project simpler! It’s a business strategy that has catapulted NORAM to the forefront of the Canadian Architectural Glass and Structural Glazing Industry. And it’s one that keeps Mercedes-Benz coming back year after year, building the dealerships as well as the relationship!

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